Ziplining and Skiing in Alaska

5 Things to Do in Juneau Alaska if You Love Adventure

One of the greatest places for an outdoor adventure or for the nature lover is Alaska and there is an incredible list of things to do in Juneau specifically. This post would be endless if everything was to be included but, to wet your whistle and get you gearing to the wonders of whale country, this is more of best highlights. These 5 things to do in Juneau are mainstays and must-dos, where you add or detract depends on what you want out of your adventure. Though, you shouldn’t skip out on any of these when visiting Juneau, Alaska.

Ziplining and Skiing in Juneau Alaska 

Ziplining and Skiing in Alaska

Depending on the time you’re visiting, you could go ziplining or skiing at the same place. Both are highspeed adventures and certainly one of the things to do in Juneau that are a must. You could even see more of Juneau’s landscape by ziplining across it and get a bird’s eye view that hiking the same terrain couldn’t give you. Perhaps spot a place to hike to later. With skiing, well, that is suped-up sledding for the adrenaline junkie. If you’re not one for high-speeds, perhaps the cross-country skiing option is for you. Either way, book some time on the zipline or ski-slope when looking for things to do in Juneau. 

Flightseeing in Juneau Alaska 

Flightseeing Juneau alaska

A lot of places in Alaska are only accessible by plane and while traveling there you’d get some incredible sights. One of the must things to do in Juneau is flightseeing. It’s an aerial tour of the area and the chance to take in some of the landscape completely inaccessible to hiking or venturing out on foot or car. To get the best of Alaska, sometimes you have to fly with the birds. There are plenty of companies that offer these two-seat plane tours and no matter which you choose, you’re in for a treat! Hit the skies and see the most incredible parts of the mountains and sea, who knows what flash of nature you’ll get. 

Hiking in Alaska 

Hiking in Alaska

There are so many trails and sights to see on foot that an entire post could be dedicated to traversing the Alaskan landscape on a hike. You have endless opportunities to walk, run, climb, and explore a trail that it’s a definitive must when looking for things to do in Juneau. If you’re not bound to a cruise’s tight schedule, look for some trails that show you the most Alaska has to offer. Trails that take you up and down, close to the ocean, and through a few of the exotic maintained gardens stationed around the state. Of course, you can’t hit every trail or sight and so planning is necessary. Trek the trail that hits what you want to see most but, make sure to include a hike in your things to do in Juneau. 

Juneau Whale Watching

Whale Watching Juneau Alaska

Whether it’s a Skagway Alaska Whale Watching tour or one in Juneau, if you’re hitting the coast of Alaska during your adventure, then you have to add whale watching to your things to do. It’s not every day that you can see the raw power of a whale and one of the reasons to visit Alaska is for this reason alone. Sure, there are plenty of reasons to visit but it’s certainly a highlight of the state. Before setting your mind to a whale watching tour, check the availability of the tour companies like Motorcoach Charters. The weather or the season isn’t always right for the whales. 

Taste the Sea

Juneau Alaska Seafood

Being in Alaska means some of the freshest seafood you could ever get your hands on. Much of their economy is based on fishing of all sorts and that means whatever restaurant you dine at will have top tier in the kitchen. When looking for things to do in Juneau make sure to try a new spot each meal of the day in order to get a real taste of the sea. To list all the excellent restaurants is a directory in and of itself, so it’s best to take your tastes to the search engine and see what you come up with. Though, if you’re not a fan of seafood don’t go hungry as nothing is one menu only. There are plenty of entrees to enjoy beyond Alaska’s corner of the Pacific. 

The Many Things to Do in Juneau

What do you want out of your Alaskan adventure? While the majority of the excursions to be had are outdoors, don’t forget to stop into the many museums that celebrate the history of the land or Juneau’s city events. If you’re on a cruise and have a limited time, you can still take a quick hike or enjoy one of the many restaurants around. Perhaps you’ll even have time to take a quick whale tour before boarding another boat.

No matter how you arrived in Alaska or why you’ve visited, there is no shortage of things to do while in Juneau.