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Sea Lion City on Lynn Canal.

On a recent charter between Haines and Juneau the crew counted over 1,000 Steller Sea Lions hauled out on the rocks near "Sea Lion Rock".  During the spring and summer the sea lions gather to rookeries to breed and pup. They use haulouts on land to rest and suckle...

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What a Mouthful…Humpback Whale Lunge Feeding.

Humpback whales are filter feeders and have baleen plates that line the roof of their mouth.  The whale lunge feeds and engulfs an enormous volume of water and fish which extends its throat pleats out. The baleen acts like a comb or strainer and the whale pushes the...

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Wildlife Safari on the tour between Haines & Juneau!

Wildlife Safari on the tour between Haines & Juneau! Had a great time with Captain George and Deckhand Patrick! George was knowledgeable and engaging and was always quick to point out wildlife as we cruised the fjord. Patrick was active throughout the boat,...

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“I would highly recommend the Fjord Express.”

Fjord Express to Juneau This is such an amazing trip! Well maintained boat, professional and knowledgeable staff, breathtaking scenery. I enjoyed this trip as much the second time as I did the first time I did it. I would highly recommend the Fjord Express. Lindsay S.

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