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Schedule and Rates

Daily Schedule (Check Booking Calendar for Dates of Service)

SKG=Skagway, HNS=Haines, JNU=Juneau

Departs HNS (for SKG): 6:45am
Departs SKG (for HNS & JNU): 8:00am
Departs HNS (for JNU): 8:30am
Arrives JNU (Yankee Cove): 10:45am
Bus to downtown Juneau (with stop at Juneau airport)
Departs JNU (for HNS & SKG): 4:30pm
Arrives HNS: 7:30pm
Departs HNS (for SKG): 7:30pm
Arrives SKG: 8:15pm
Departs SKG (for HNS): 8:15pm
Arrives HNS: 8:45pm

2021 Rates

Roundtrip Overnight(s): $250 (adult) $240 (child under 12)

One Way: $135 (adult), $125 (child under 12)

Fjordland Circuit: Juneau-Haines-Skagway-Juneau, allow 4 days, $259 (adult), $239 (child under 12)  A $50 savings.

Fjord Express to Juneau Day Cruise Package from Skagway or Haines: $179 adult, $149 (child under 12)

  • Plus 6% taxes and fees

Additional Deadhead runs between Haines and Skagway

  • Depart Haines 6:45am,  Arrive Skagway 7:30am
  • Depart Skagway 8:15pm*, Arrive Haines 8:45pm, *departure time varies.


  • $35 one-way, $70 round-trip
  • Discounts for locals and regular deadheaders