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Reviews and Testimonials

We loved this trip! Such a great way to see the area between Skagway and Juneau. The boat ride was lovely, food tasty (and local!), and whales plentiful! 3 hours in Juneau was just enough time to see the downtown, have some lunch, and get back on the boat. We were lucky enough to have seen both humpback and Orcas. Highly recommend this trip.–Megan

This was a terrific cruise……….we saw everything from sea weasals to humpback whales. The captain and his crew were friendly and full of great information. The food served was also yummy. The timing of the bus to go to the glacier was perfect and the driver very helpful. We also saw eagles and waterfalls etc.
I can’t say enough good things about these folks!
If I’m ever back in Skagway I’ll do this tour again—Rick

This is a truly well-organized trip from Skagway via Haines to Juneau which allows you to experience all the things you would hope to see when you come out to Alaska, especially if you have limited time! Cruising the Lynn Canal, taking in wildlife, seeing glaciers, exploring the Alaskan capital- a great way to spend a full day.–Calgary, Canada

An absolutely outstanding operation. Both the captain and the young lady assisting him only added to the trip. They were so pleasant and accommodating There is not one thing they could do to make their service any better. EXCELLENT!–Marnie

We took the round trip cruise to Juneau from Haines, Alaska and enjoyed every minute of it. By boat the views were breath taking, the food enjoyable and the Captain very alert to chances of wildlife viewing. The bus driver, Whitney, was amazingly funny and knowledgeable. Both the Captain and Whitney were well able to keep us entertained and provided great information about the areas we were in.
We lucked out and were able to see a black bear fishing for salmon and then eating her dinner in the bushes near the glacier. On the way we saw humpback whales, bald eagles, porpoise and seals.
Over all a huge thumbs up for the Alaska Fjordlines!! Highly recommend booking a trip.–Winnipeg Canada

The captain and his crew were hospitable and warm, and shared knowledge and stories to enhance the learning experience of what we were seeing in a personal, homely way.

Took your tour from Skagway to Juneau back in 2005 and it still remains one of my great memories of AK. I especially remember when we were near the end of our trip, the Captain saw, in the fog, a whale in the distance and asked if anyone was in a hurry to get back to port. Of course nobody was and we headed for a closer view of the whale. This impressed me when I realized it was the captain\’s time and money (fuel) that he offered to make a great trip even greater. Since then, I must have told dozens of people that when they get to Alaska, they just must take the Fjordlines to Juneau. Best of everything to you and thanks for a great trip.
– — Bill

In all of my life, I will never forget the moment I witnessed 11 Humpback Whales, in unison, bubble netting all of those fish. It was like fireworks and ballet!

— Gina Jamison, Snohomish, WA

Of all the sights and sounds I’ve experienced around the world, bubble netting with the Humpbacks is by far at the top of my list. Alison and Glen run an amazing operation — the wealth of information combined with the sights and sounds of nature bring the experience to a whole new level. Anyone who visits SE Alaska should put a trip on the Fjordland as their first priority!

— Michael Zyskowski, MI

Recently we had the pleasure of travelling with you from Juneau to Skagway and from outset we were most impressed with your service. We were blown away by the “value for money” you offer the travelling public. You don’t consider you passengers as numbers, and go out of your way to give them enjoyment and a chance to take in the breathtaking scenery, and to become one with the abundant wildlife, either above or below the waters. We were offered glaciers, bus trips through the countryside, a very comfortable boat trip to Haines, a most hearty meal and coffee. As I said, we saw wildlife and all this for a very small sum. Be assured we travelled with others but they were not a patch on yours.

So we wish you well and hope your business flourishes and more people cry out your name so you grow rapidly but never give up your style of presentation.
— Best wishes to all,

Regards, David & Joan Bruins & Lenette Mullin

OUTSTANDING – from the muffins, to the scenery, to the Humpbacks breaching & bubble netting, to the service and the salmon chowder — WELL DONE! Alaska Fjordlines from Haines to Juneau is a trip you will not want to miss!

— Gina Jamison, Snohomish, WA

My husband and I took the Fjord Express recently and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it. We saw many humpbacks and sea lions and seals and eagles and hundreds of sea birds. Gayle was perky and enthusiastic and Leslie was professional and informative. The food was superb and had we known there would be so much of it we would not have had lunch while in Juneau. The boat was clean and comfortable. All in all it was a wonderful day. I will have no problem promoting this excursion and, in fact have already done so. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this trip.

— Lynn Gole, Florida

We have traveled around the world and this was the best cruise we have ever taken. The owner and deckhand were terrific and spent lots of time letting us observe whales breach, sea lions with babies, and lots of bald eagles. We cannot recommend this enough!! Best trip ever!!

— Ron and Brigid Grimmell, Vancouver Washington

To cruise to Juneau on the Fjord Express was awesome. Leslie and Gayle were very funny, courteous and made our day great. They answered questions and made the trip just great.

— Mickey and Maxine French Waynesville, Ohio

Awesome trip, we saw numerous whales. We will be back!

— Bob Hudson, Blandford, Mass

This was a wonderful day. We saw a lot of wildlife and the boat trip was delightful. The two young ladies on the boat were so helpful. We also enjoyed Juneau, especially the Mendenhall Glacier.

Captain was very informative and did an excellent job of pointing out wildlife and slowing down so we could observe. The city tour was well done. We enjoyed lunch at the Hangar and a tour of the Alaska State Museum. Today was a great experience and we are glad we decided to take the cruise.

— Good Sam Caravan

Thank you for such a first class trip….of a lifetime! You and Glen have the most wonderful experience to offer people and we hope to help you spread the WORD! We thank Gayle also for her excitement that spread to each passenger. Food and service was prefect. Oh…and thanks again for the great “wildlife show you gave us” You must have a direct line to God! Good luck with your business in the future!

— The Baileys of Huntington, WV

This was just great, all that we wanted, a great boat, wonderful scenery, great wildlife viewing and Juneau and the Mendenhall Glacier. Thanks!

The boat runs very smoothly on the rough seas. The captain knows what she is doing and we would ride with her again. The Juneau City tour was great.

— Good Sam Caravan

The trip to and from Juneau was very delightful and interesting due to the excellent narration of the captain. We will definitely come again. Jim and Joyce Henry Lincroft NJ
This was a totally enjoyable trip-all aspects of it. Would highly recommend it to anyone.
Especially enjoyed Glen taking the time to stop and letting us see all the wildlife activity. Enjoyed Juneau.

— Sam and Murie Sampson, Mesa AZ

The cruise was very enjoyable. We really appreciate the comments on points of interest. Both of you do a super job of making it educational as well as very interesting. We would do it again.

— Jim and Kitty Mc Elwain, Springfield NC

Wildlife cruise was very interesting. Liked the way you slow down and circle to get a good view. Juneau city tour was interesting and shopping fun. Enjoyed the Mendenhall Glacier and ice fields. Wonderful captain and crew.

— Lloyd and Mildred Stahl, Chandler, Indiana

The trip through Lynn Canal was great. Saw several seals and whales. Captain was good about stopping to let us look. Enjoyed the city tour, guide was good and informative.

— Campbell’s Lexington, IN

This cruise down the Lynn Canal was so spectacular and magnificent-I can hardly believe how beautiful it is here! We love it and will recommend it to everyone!

— Jim and Shirley Dark, Lyles, TN

Enjoyed trip thoroughly, will be sure to recommend to friends. Service and staff outstanding.

— Irene Hardcastle, Bradenton FL

Fantastic trip with lots of wildlife seen. The captain Glen and hostess were both very informative and full of enthusiasm. The connecting bus trip was very nice. John the driver shared a lot of info about Juneau-the side trip to Mendenhall Glacier was a bonus with plenty of time to see all. Thanks for a great and special day.

— Mrs. P. Mathews, Allen TX

Wildlife cruise was super, they were out today and so nicely pointed out to everyone on board by our gracious captain and mate. City tour was informative and we enjoyed our time in Juneau.

— The Tominovicks

It was great that we saw a lot of wildlife, bird, sea lions, whales and dolphins. Juneau tour was good and we had a bear sighting at the Mendenhall Glacier. Thanks for a great time.

— H&J Kikumots, CA

We enjoyed every aspect of the trip, not one boring moment.

— Robert and Joyce Mills, Canada

It is the greatest trip I have ever been on.

— George Campbell, Texas

This trip is an excellent value for the money.

— Neal and Peggy Easom, Wilmington, NC

We saw more whales than in 2 cruises previously, one from Seward, another from Valdez. Good job of spotting and commenting on animals and surroundings. The scenery through the Inside Passage is spectacular made more so by the captain’s comments.

— Salem Wilson, Richmond VA

We are very happy to have been on this trip. The friendliness of the staff was very appreciated as were the numerous comments on wildlife, history and geography. Stopping or slowing the boat to see sea lions, whales, birds, etc was also very appreciated. On the scale of one to ten, you are a 9.8!

— Roger Mondoux, Quebec Canada

Leslie is an excellen boat captain and very knowledgeable. Jim the deckhand does an excellent job. The cruise to Juneau is very good and I hope you will keep it going. I’ll be sure to tell everyone coming to Alaska about it.

— James Halliburton, Steilacoom, WA

Enjoyed the cruise package very much. The wildlife viewing was great, and the staff was very accommodating. Excellent value for the money, great staff, captain and helper, clean washroom.

— Pat Vaillancourt, Whitehorse Yukon

The whole trip from Skagway to Juneau was fantastic. We were treated with so much care. We saw so many things that we have never seen before. It was so exciting. Definitely would recommend this trip to anyone.

— Mark and Russ Hebert Kaplan, LA

This was an excellent trip-well worth the money. Glen went out of his way to show us the wildlife. Each part of the trip was a treat.

— Kathy Moedia, Woodland Park CO

Wow-glad we took thi time to enjoy! Never felt rushed to look at whales, seals, eagles etc. Thank you for this!! This is great feature of this cruise. Josh did a great job too! Plenty of time provided for glacier and bonus “bear that we saw!

— Johnny & Judy Bailey, Hunting WV

Watching whales has been a dream come true for me. Excellent viewing of wildlife. Captain was informative and considerate of our ability to observe at every chance. Mate was excellent and like a cheerleader in watching the animals. Boat is very comfortable.

— Doug & Rita Harkey, Punta Gorda Fl

A better trip we couldn’t have imagined. Time was spent enjoying the whales and explanations along the way were very interesting. Seeing the glacier and stopping in Juneau was all we had hoped for and more.

— Annette and John Allerton, Finland

Lynn Canal was fabulous! Lots of whales/super!!

— Alice and Ed Lynn, LaMirada, CA

Even if we had never stepped foot off the boat, this would have been one of the most memorable experiences of our lives! The scenery was magnigicanet! We saw whales, eagles a couple hundred sea lions-up close and personal! The Mendenhall Glacier was more spectacular than any we’ve seen. Juneau was fun, the Eldred Rock Lighthouse, waterfalls, cruise ships going by….it all far exceeded our expectations!

— Rus and Nancy Gutman, Haines Alaska

It is a pleasure to take a tour with such a professional, enthusiastic and accommodating company.

— S. Chamber

The entire experience was truly awesome! The planning and execution of the schedule was superb! What a great way to enjoy what God has given us! I can recommend this trip to anyone and not describe it adequately.

— Larry Quinalty, Cassville Mo

It was great to see so many whales close up. I also appreciated the operator of the boat stopped so we could take pictures. This wa a tour we will talk about for years to come.

— Bill and Arlene Albright, Lebanon OR

Lynn Canal excellent!!, Sea Lion rookeries great as was the whale watching. Pilot Leslie and crew Jim were exceptionally friendly and helpful.

— Dale and Holly Hayes, Jefferson, Ohio

The trip was spectacular, and the wildlife sighting were breathtaking. We saw humpback whales, orca whales, a sea lion rookery, dolphins, harbor seals, eagles, surf scoters, marbled murrelet, and a short eared owl while at sea. The time downtown Juneau was enjoyable and we were awestruck by the Mendenhall Glacier. All in all it was one of the most memorable days of our entire Alaska trip.

— Larry and Teddy Page, Appleton, WI

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the best boat trip, best sightseeing trip, friendliest, most hospitable trip seeing the most wildlife, best glaciers, best narrated trip we have ever ever been on. If we didn’t go another thing in Alaska we would go home content after your most excellent excursion on Mothers Day.

— Linda and Guy Payne

The wildlife cruise was spectacular and our Captain and Mate were wonderful providing much info with many wildlife viewing stops.

— Bruce and Norma Barber, Anchorage AK

Your tour was exceptional and well worth the money.

— Dick Becker, Chesapeake Bay

Wonderful trip. Lucinda and Leslie were very gracious and informative. The food was very good and everything was nice and clean and well maintained. If I ever come back to Alaska, I would definitely take this strip again. I will recommend it to all my friends. Our bus driver and narrator was wonderful in Juneau.

— Carol Pautsch, Louisville, KY

The wildlife viewing both going and coming especially taking the time to view the humpback whales was spectacular! Personell on boat was super cordial and very attentive and helpful-enthusiastic and friendly. Would gladly recommend this excursion to everyone!

— Diane and John Oliver, Citrus Heights, CA

This entire trip was awesome! The captain and all her crew where the best. Also out tour bus driver in Juneau was super.

— Leroy and Mary Bremer, Mora MN


This has been an extroidinary day! Not only did we see eagles in all their glory, but make my day complete was to see those magnificent whales! Loved it all and enjoyed all the crew!
— Dorothy Hicks, Fallon NV

Enjoyed all the wildlife that we’ve seen along the way. All the eagles, sealions. otters, lots and lots of humpback whales.

— Beverly Hicks Orangevale, CA

Marvelous! We will be back and will also recommend you to others headed this way.

— Sally Szilaqui, Fenton MI

Boat trip was wonderful. Leslie and Lucinda were a fantastic crew. We saw whales! Even witnessed “bubble feeding.”

— Margaret Henze, Racine WI

This was the highlight of our trip to Alaska. The captain did and awesome and first mate was great. Friendly, helpful and really nice. Will highly recommend. Really appreciate the stops to see the whales and the extra info provided by captain and 1rs mate.

— Cindy Mihaileff, Fairview Alberta

Thank you so much for the highlight of our Alaskan vacation! Glen’s commentary was wonderful and his patience to maneuver the craft so that we could get the optimum chance to see the picture the whales, sea lions, and other wildlife were a privilege to see thanks to your wonderful idea. I will have the memory to cruising the green water, the full rainbow over the glacier and the wonderful ghost story Glen told us about the Eldred Rock Lighthouse.

— Connie Vercruysse, Coldwater MI

This was such a treat. Congratulations on the wonderful service you’ve provided. You’ve gone overboard to make this journey memorable for all.

— Bob and Julie Weller, Sherwood Park, Alberta

Super nice crew, clean fast boat, awesome!

— The Peters Family, Arlington Washington

Great sites, great ride, great crew!

— Bill and Barbara Gardner, Murrieta, California

Great! I loved the glaciers. The crew was super nice! The wildlife is awesome!

— Heather Henry, MD

Thanks Glen and Crew for taking such great care of our guests this summer!

— Rick Rand, Tauck World Discovery

Wonderful whale watching. Dottie was a lovely tail. The eagles are beautiful.

— Chris, Annette, Brian, Laura, Julie Albers, Memphis, TN