Juneau Whale Watching

“What was the best excursion on your cruise? Whale Watching with Alaska Fjordlines!”Reviewed August 14, 2017 on TripAdvisor. Read the full review….

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Charter the Fjordland and get exclusive use of this amazing, sleek, 65′, 48 passenger catamaran for a private Juneau Alaska Whale Watching Tour!   Get big discounts for groups! Affordable for smaller groups on up to 48 passengers!  Check Out Our Great Group Rates.   Our charter rates include both the whale watch and bus transfer from downtown Juneau. On our 3.5 hour Juneau Alaska whale watching tour you will travel by bus from downtown Juneau and spend 2 1/2 hours on the water watching humpback and orca whales, sea lions and eagles as well as stopping for photos of Sentinel Island lighthouse and Poundstone Rock. You can also add a stop at the Mendenhall Glacier!

An Incomparable Wildlife Experience

Nothing on earth rivals the wild beauty of Southeast Alaska: the spectacular glacially carved fjords, the rugged islands, the pristine waters and the rich marine life. Let Alaska Fjordlines show you the very best of this unspoiled corner of the world on our 2 1/2 hour Juneau Alaska whale watching cruise.

Photo copyright Rick Rivard.

We are here to show you whales!

Humpback whales ply the icy waters of Southeast Alaska during the summer months for one reason: To feed. In order to sustain themselves during their fall migration south, adult humpbacks must consume tons of herring, needlefish and krill each week. North and west of Juneau currents converge and the waters teem with schools of these tiny fish, providing an abundant food source for the whales. Our captain and crew are experts at spotting wildlife and positioning the boat for unobstructed views.

Photo copyright Ron Horn

Other species commonly sighted on our Juneau alaska whale watching tours include Steller Sea lions, Orca or “Killer whales”, harbor seals, Dall’s and harbor porpoise and bald eagles. We’ll make photo stops at Poundstone Rock, and the historic Sentinel Island lighthouse north of Juneau.

  • “This was single handedly the most spectacular charter/nature cruise I have taken in 23 years. First rate service and wildlife viewing.”–Christopher Smith, Shreveport, LA

Welcome Aboard!


Orca’s playing. Photo by Bill McRoberts

A 65′, 48 passenger, high speed catamaran, the Fjordland was custom built for the waters of Lynn Canal and specially designed for viewing wildlife up close. The Fjordland is the perfect size, large enough to handle the occasional choppy waters, but small enough for intimate cruising.


Humpback whale surfaces behind the Fjordland.

The passenger cabin of the Fjordland is surrounded by windows and has more space per passenger than any other whale watching boat in Alaska.


From the spacious back deck of the Fjordland passengers take photos of the waterfalls and wildlife.


The large, specially designed “fjordliner” windows allow passengers to see eagles perched at the tops of trees as well as waterfalls and glaciers originating high on the mountainside.

The Crew

Since the company’s beginning in 1991, owners Glen and Alison Jacobson have enjoyed sharing their knowledge and love of the Alaskan wilderness with visitors. Today the Jacobson’s company Alaska Fjordlines, Inc, along with their children, Anna, Libby and Ketch operate the Fjord Express to Juneau and Whale Watching tours in Skagway and Juneau. They specialize in relaxed and personalized whale watching tours and take care to insure that each person on board has a fun and memorable trip.

Onboard Services

Complimentary beverages and a hearty Alaskan snack will be served. On board the Fjordland, binoculars are available for passengers’ use, as well as a “ship’s library” of field and travel guides on the natural and human history of Southeast Alaska. The boat is equipped with a restroom for your convenience.

  • “Spacious, roomy cabin with great windows.” –Sue and Garry Hepworth, Lake Worth, FL
  • “Loved the way time was taken to view the wildlife. It was as if time was no factor, and our enjoyment was utmost!”–Frank and Darlene Faires, Bridge City, TX

Tour Details


Your tour begins in downtown Juneau and you will travel by motorcoach to meet the boat at the Auke Bay Harbor.



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Whales Guaranteed!
We have seen whales on every trip so far. If no whales are sighted we will offer you a 100% refund.






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