Waterfalls Galore

The Fjordland makes a stop for a refreshing view of Sawmill Falls. Lynn Canal has all the ingredients to make an abundance of waterfalls: steep walled fjord, glacier melt, plenty of rain and lots of gravity.  Ron Horn photo.

Is this Norma Lou or Martha Sue? How do you identify a humpback whale?

Humpback whales have patterns of black and white pigmentation and scars on the underside of their tails that are unique to each whale, just as fingerprints are to humans. For scientific purposes each humpback whale sighted in the North Pacific is assigned a catalog number. The unique scarring and shading patterns also help scientists create common names for each whale. New calves are not named because their coloring and scarring often change dramatically during that first year. On the Fjordland we keep a catalog of all the whales tails and their names. Ride the Fjord Express and learn the names of the whales in Lynn Canal!