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Amazing hosts, incredible experience

“We joined the Fjordlines crew in Skagway for day travel to Juneau Alaska. Our goal was to be on the ocean to experience all we could of ocean wildlife and scenery. The crew was friendly, professional, engaged, willing to share their knowledge and vast experience with both the ocean and the local area. We saw humpback whales, sea lions, harbour seals, Dall Porpoise, so many eagles and the crew was willing and able to take the time to stop, shut off the boat, and join us in being amazed with the show being put on for us including sea lion furiously scratching its head with its flipper, humpback whales bubble feeding, tail waving, as well as a baby in the group of whales (and so much more). We learned a lot, we observed even more. This crew puts in long days and yet their smiles and enthusiasm were as fresh at the end of the day as they were at the beginning of the day. Thanks for sharing it with us, we appreciate it.”        July 2019, Julieet Christine