Eldred Rock Lighthouse

Eldred Rock Lighthouse stands stately in the middle of Lynn Canal, 18 miles south of Haines. First lit in 1906 it is the oldest remaining lighthouse in Alaska and one of the most remote in North America. The lighthouse was built after a series of disastrous shipwrecks that occurred there from steamships full of miners heading north to Skagway during the Klondike Gold Rush. The most famous shipwreck was the steamship Clara Nevada in February of 1898. As many as 75 lives and 850 pounds of gold were lost. The gold has never been discovered or the mystery of this disaster solved.

Today Eldred Rock is a popular stop on the Fjordland’s evening cruise north. As we hug the shoreline of the island you get up close views of harbor seals basking on the rocks, bald eagles soaring overhead and nesting sea birds playing in the surf.


eldred rock The Eldred Rock Lighthouse is the most northerly lighthouse in the Inside Passage.

The Fjordland cruises past the Eldred Rock Lighthouse.